Since 1995 the Association for Town Marketing of Wetter ("Stadtmarketing für Wetter e.V.") works for the presentation of the location Wetter and the systematic prestige advertising as well as for improving the attractiveness of the town of Wetter (Ruhr) for citizens of Wetter (Ruhr), citizens of the surrounding area as well as resident and interested companies. The association wants to contribute by ideological, material and / or financial support for appropriate events in cultural, sporting, economic, social and / or environmental fields. The association can also achieve these purposes by implementing appropriate procedures (eg. planning and guidance documents, publications and related services).



"Ways to a livable town"

Our series of lectures "FutureWetter" focuses on exciting topics that affect our city and every one of us. These can be in a supraregional context or also very much related to our city.

We are looking forward to present you an interesting evening, which interlinks a timeless topic, the opportunity to exchange ideas with many decision makers from local businesses and the better understanding of a Wetter company with interesting skills.

This year we were able for the first time to win a habitant from Wetter as a speaker. Stefan Keim, also known for performances in the cultural magazine "Westart live" of WDR Television, will talk about an ongoing topic and will also discuss the resulting benefits for companies.

"Ways to a livable town – culture as a means of liveliness. What are the incentives, which concepts can work?"

We were able to win the company Moderne Verpackung Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH as a host. It will provide us interesting insights into the company and surprising packaging opportunities. The company also invites us to a snack.

Please tell Tina Huth in the city marketing information office by phone or e-mail, whether you can follow our invitation and how many people will join. Together with us our mayor Frank Hasenberg, under whose patronage our event stands, will welcome you.

Speaker Stefan Keim - personal introduction

"Feuilleton and entertainment belong together. This is the basis for my work. High quality in content and also humor is no contradiction. In the cultural magazine "Westart live" on WDR television I have a regular section as a theatre critic. It's called "Der Keim ist da" and is perhaps even a new form, a feuilleton standup.

Apart from that, I report on theatre, music, films, books and cultural politics for the radio programs of the WDR and the Deutschlandradio Kultur. I also write reviews, reports, portraits and analyzes for the world on Sunday and the Westfalenspiegel.

As a moderator, I regularly work with the WDR Rundfunkorchester and the festival "Mord am Hellweg". In addition I have moderated a lot of congresses, cultural politics conferences, forums for WDR 3, New Year's concerts, galas, comedyshows. As an author I write books, plays, radio plays, cabaret programs and satires. I have been a member of many juries (Berliner Theateretreffen 2008 - 2010, NRW-Theatertreffen etc.) and in the Music Advisory Board of Werner Richard-Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation in Herdecke.

As Heinz Erhardt, I have been on show for many years on cabarets, festivals and cultural cafés. Also the self-written cabaret programs are fortunately often booked. With the actress Kriszti Kiss and the actor Martin Bross you can also see me in the duo.

I was born on December 4, 1967 in Hagen, but this is only due to a short trip to the Mops hospital in Haspe. I have always lived in Wetter on the Ruhr and have three children."

"After five":

Contact: Tina Huth

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