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Music and literature on the occasion of the Luther Year 2017.

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The concert

2017 will be the year, which will certainly be characterized by Luther's Reformation Day. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther had thrown his 95 theses, which found great public reverberation and triggered the Reformation, to the main portal of the castle church in Wittenberg.

The Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW is therefore looking for links between Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther. A small collection of texts between Bach's Contrapuncti and anthems mentally lead the audience to Leipzig and Wittenberg, the two important working places of Bach and Luther.

The second part is less thoughtful, but the music is to start the year 2017 furiosly. A little story about the beginning of the "Bolero" will show how a misfortunate event can lead to great success.

The traditional New Year's Concert in the auditorium of the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium is one of the cultural highlights in Wetter. Tickets in advance are available in our office.

The Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW

All the great works of the symphonic wind music in the original and as adaptations, international success with their concerts and enthusiasm in the halls in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) Рthe Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW demonstrates for over thirty years that the overwhelming energy of symphonic wind music enriches the diversity in the musical world!

The Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW (JBP) Рthese are 65 young musicians between 14 and 24 years of age who come from all parts of North Rhine-Westphalia. Together, they work hard and with great joy, to present the fascinating energy of symphonic wind music to the broadest possible audience.

Conductor Prof. Thomas Clamor

Conductor of the Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW, pedagogue and musical ambassador across borders is Prof. Thomas Clamor. He transfers his enthusiasm and commitment to both musicians and the public. The chief conductor of the Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie (Saxon wind orchestra) is an internationally sought-after guest conductor: He performs with his orchestra, but also with numerous other symphonic orchestral and chamber music ensembles all over the world. Much noticed radio, CD and DVD productions document his work in its stylistic range. Thomas Clamor founded the European Brass Ensemble, located in Melk Abbey (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) and has found a place on the great stages of the world with the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble, which he founded. Among others he conducted at the Salzburg Festival, London Proms, Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic and is a welcome guest of many orchestras in China, Korea, South America and Europe. Thomas Clamor is also always facing new challenges: he has been the artistic director of the German Wind Academy since 2011. He was a guest professor in Weimar and Detmold and is Prof. h.c. of the Shanghai Music School. At the Berlin Hanns-Eisler-Musikhochschule, he laid the foundation for the subject of music mediation and, with his student projects, initiated projects in social hotspots of Berlin. Social focus is also the main concern of "EI Sistema" in Venezuela, one of the world's most important sociocultural projects, which builds on the changing power of music. Thomas Clamor has been working for 15 years to give children and young people a vision for the future.

For many years, the Berlin Philharmonic was Thomas Clamor's musical home. In 1986 Herbert von Karajan had engaged the trumpeter as the youngest member of the world-class orchestra. He was to remain a member of the Philharmonic for more than twenty years, and to become acquainted with the most important podiums of the world as well as the greatest soloists and conductors in their daily work.

Thomas Clamor is still dominated and lead by the artistic exchange on the highest level. In 2015 he was awarded the Federal Service Cross: With his artistic excellence, he not only makes an impressive cultural contribution, but is also committed to national and international education. When standing on a stage Thomas Clamor is not only a musician, but always a whole human being. With his art and his projects, he shows how important music is for each individual and what art can do for society.

Speaker Sylvia Systermans

Sylvia Systermans is responsible for the selection of the texts and acts as the speaker during the concert. She studied musicology, sociology and ethnology in Cologne. During this time, she sat in the editorial department for new music of the WDR, wrote concert critiques for the Cologne Rundschau and was a member of the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne, which was responsible for the first publication "Freie Musik in Köln". From 1997 to 2001 she was an editorial assistant to the program editor of KölnMusik GmbH / Kölner Philharmonie, where she was involved in several projects of the Department of Music Transfer. Since 1997, Sylvia Systermans has worked as a freelance music journalist for the ARD programs, Deutschlandradio and various print media. Since 2007 she has been a member of the recording leading team of "Klassik-Pop-et-cetera" in Deutschlandfunk and was a jury member of the "Liederbestenliste" from 2012 to 2014. After several years of speaker training, she has become a member of the spokesman's group of the Deutschlandfunk since 2001. Sylvia Systermans gives concerts lectures and radio seminars for the Kölner Philharmonie, Melanchthon Academy, Rheinische Musikschule, the Musikhochschule Detmold and more.

Marion Kuhl and Kostas Stavropoulos from Modern Greek regale the guests during the break with small delicacies.

Second Brandenburg Concerto (Johann Sebastian Bach):

Contact: Tina Huth

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