Since 1995 the Association for Town Marketing of Wetter ("Stadtmarketing f√ľr Wetter e.V.") works for the presentation of the location Wetter and the systematic prestige advertising as well as for improving the attractiveness of the town of Wetter (Ruhr) for citizens of Wetter (Ruhr), citizens of the surrounding area as well as resident and interested companies. The association wants to contribute by ideological, material and / or financial support for appropriate events in cultural, sporting, economic, social and / or environmental fields. The association can also achieve these purposes by implementing appropriate procedures (eg. planning and guidance documents, publications and related services).



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The concert

The Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW brings a variety of sounds to the concert halls of North Rhine-Westphalia: starting with the "Ouverture Allemande" by Thomas Doss that lets the German-speaking culture room come to life, the composer Martin Ellerby describes his favorite places in Paris. For a Japanese orchestra, Toshio Mashime wrote his work "Les trois notes du japon", dealing with Japanese rites.

After the break, "A Savannah Symphony" by Philip Sparke deals with the cotton production in Savannah, and he closes with a song from Scotland, which he modulates in his "Suite from Hymn of the Highlands" composed for brass band.

Enjoy the new year's music from around the world, conducted and moderated by Timor Chadik and Sylvia Systermans as the speaker.

The Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW

The "Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW" was founded in 1985 as "LandesJugendBlasOrchester", in order to work with young gifted musicians from 14 to 24 years from all over NRW to create original and arranged works for symphonic wind orchestras of all epochs and to perform them in a professional setting.

The members of the orchestra are about 65 young musicians between 14 and 24 years of age; many of them are first prizewinners at the national competition for youth music. All participants will be admitted only after completing the audition or after taking part in a trial phase. Twice a year the members of the Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW meet for the rehearsals that take place with concerts in NRW, Germany and at international events.

Concert tours have already taken the orchestra to Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Belarus , Denmark, France, Switzerland, the USA, China and Singapore, and most recently to Spain in 2017. In 1999 the Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW was the only German orchestra to perform in the musical framework of the 9th International WASBE Conference in San Luis Obispo, California. A live recording of this concert, released on CD, testifies to the great sound culture of the formation. In 2005, an invitation to the 12th WASBE Conference in Singapore followed, which was documented with a CD recording. In July 2013 the JBP NRW was invited to the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, the most important international competition for symphonic wind orchestras. There the orchestra won the first place in the Festival Division and a listed work of the JBP was published on the official CD of the competition.

The 30th anniversary of the Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW was celebrated together with other youth ensembles from NRW at a festive weekend in September 2015 in Cologne, to which international guests and representatives of all wind orchestras from all over Germany could be welcomed. In addition to Pierre Kuijpers and Harry Vorselen, Timor Chadik and Thomas Clamor were the guest directors of the Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW.

From the winter work phase 2017/2018 Timor Chadik is the permanent conductor of the orchestra.

Conductor Timor Oliver Chadik

Timor Oliver Chadik was born in 1976. He studied with Prof. Dr. Hermann Dechant and Prof. Peter Falk at the Musikhochschule W√ľrzburg, completed his diploma in 2000 and the subsequent masterclass in 2002 with distinction. After his studies, he was engaged at the opera Dortmund, most recently as second bandmaster. In 2004, at the age of 27, he became the first bandmaster to the state theater Darmstadt. As a guest director, he conducted the Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz Ludwigshafen, the Philharmonie S√ľdwest in Siegen, the N√ľrnberger Symphoniker, the Kammerphilharmonie in Budweis as well as the Prime Philharmonie Orchestra in Dej Jeong, South Korea.

In September 2006, he joined the German Federal Armed Forces and had been appointed deputy chief of Luftwaffenmusikkorps 3 M√ľnster since then. In the first half of 2007, he was in the same position at the Stabsmusikkorps of the German Armed Forces, where he was responsible for the implementation of the protocols of the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministry of Defense. Between January and May 2010, he was the head of a mentoring team for the training of Afghan musicians in Kabul. From June to October 2010 he led the Army Music Corps 300 Koblenz. From 2012 until 2015 he was head of the Luftwaffenmusikkorps in M√ľnster. Since January 2015, Timor Oliver Chadik has taken over the Bundeswehr's BigBand (German Federal Armed Forces BigBand).

Timor Oliver Chadik is a prizewinner at the International Conducting Competition of the WMC in Kerkrade and a scholarship of the Richard Wagner Foundation. From 2005 to 2007 he was supported by the Deutsche Dirigentenforum, an advancement program of the German Music Council. He is closely associated with the Deutsche Bl√§serphilharmonie, the Bl√§serphilharmonie S√ľd-West and the Bl√§serphilharmonie Ostwestfalen-Lippe. He is a regular guest at the Rundfunk Blasorchester Leipzig, musical director of the renowned orchestral association Hilgen and permanent conductor of the Junge Bl√§serphilharmonie NRW.

Speaker Sylvia Systermans

Sylvia Systermans is responsible for the selection of the texts and acts as the speaker during the concert. She studied musicology, sociology and ethnology in Cologne. During this time, she sat in the editorial department for new music of the WDR, wrote concert critiques for the Cologne Rundschau and was a member of the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne, which was responsible for the first publication "Freie Musik in Köln". From 1997 to 2001 she was an editorial assistant to the program editor of KölnMusik GmbH / Kölner Philharmonie, where she was involved in several projects of the Department of Music Transfer. Since 1997, Sylvia Systermans has worked as a freelance music journalist for the ARD programs, Deutschlandradio and various print media. Since 2007 she has been a member of the recording leading team of "Klassik-Pop-et-cetera" in Deutschlandfunk and was a jury member of the "Liederbestenliste" from 2012 to 2014. After several years of speaker training, she has become a member of the spokesman's group of the Deutschlandfunk since 2001. Sylvia Systermans gives concerts lectures and radio seminars for the Kölner Philharmonie, Melanchthon Academy, Rheinische Musikschule, the Musikhochschule Detmold and more.

Contact: Tina Huth

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