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Hiking tour "Elbschebach"

Circular route:


Route description:

The route, which we plan for about 4-5 hours, mostly runs on paved roads, small roads with no traffic, forest and dirt roads. A constant up and down requires medium fitness (about 400 m uphill and downhill).

The Elbschebach tour connects the lower with the upper Elbschebach valley. The Elbsche is a tributary of the Ruhr. It rises "im Langenbruch" in Albringhausen, a district of Wetter and flows after about 7.5 km in length in Wetter-Wengern into the Ruhr. It forms part of the border between the two cities Wetter and Witten. The Elbschebachtal between Albringhausen and Wengern is designated as a nature reserve.

Elbschebach tour

We start from the former  railway station Albringhausen of the Elbschee valley railway. This section of the former railway line from Witten to Schwelm was shut down in the 1980s. The Zeche Neuw├╝lfingsburg (also called the Albringhausen colliery) once lay behind the former railway station. This colliery was the last active colliery in the urban area of Wetter and in operation until 1967. Today, only the chewing building that serves as an office building for the adjoining company Naturstein Zentrum Ruhr GmbH (formerly based by W. K├╝lpmann) is preserved.

We continue south uphill steeply. We cross the Gehrenbecke on the Hax and walk over the  Wacholderstra├če in the Langenbruch, the source area of the Elbsche. The higher we get, the more beautiful the views into the hiking area Ennepe-Ruhr-Tal. Numerous benches along the way invite you to take a break. The old youth hostel Esborn and the nature reserve protected Ilex hedge are on the right hand on our way to the over 200 years old  farm Sackern.

On a winding road, the increase follows the  sports field B├Âllberg, which we leave to the left. On a quiet little road with magnificent views, it goes past the  Women's house Wengern (with farm shop). After a good 200 m we turn right onto the street  Am Meseb├╝schken, until we turn right before the end of it on a narrow path that leads to the  Schmiedestra├če (L 527) after about 460 m.

At the Schmiedestra├če we go only a short distance to the right and turn left immediately after the house no. 11 into the street  Im K├╝hlen Grunde. Now the street rises steeply; about 700 m up, until we come to a  farm on the Ruhrh├Âhenweg. Here you have a nice view over the Ruhr valley to the foothills of the Ardaygebirge and the main town Wetter. Over the Ruhrh├Âhenweg it goes to  Brasberg and on its flank on pleasant forest paths to Wengern to  Davidis Square, named after Henriette Davidis, the most famous cookbook author in Germany (born 1801 in Wetter-Wengern). From Davidisplatz (village square), the historic village center of Wengern, it's a few meters along the Trienendorfer road. We turn right into the  Henriette-Davidis-Weg and pass under the disused railway line between Gevelsberg and Wengern at the birth house of the famous cook. We continue on the Henriette-Davidis memorial stone and the village cemetery past the mountain. In a residential area we meet again on the Trienendorfer road, follow this a few meters further uphill and turn left into the  Tulpenstra├če. At the end of Tulpenstra├če, the path branches off to the left again and leads down a dirt road called Lilienweg into the Elbschebachtal. There we meet the path  Pastoratsbusch, which we follow in direction Wengern to the Wengener mill. The creek is crossed and the route of the disused railway line between Wetter and Gevelsberg is crossed in a  tunnel. Immediately after the tunnel, the path turns to the right and leads up pleasant forest trails to the  Naturfreundehaus Eggeklause. From there it goes down to the lower  Ratelbecke, the  Angelpark Elbschetal. We follow the small road south, which brings us back to the former  railway station Albringhausen.

Contact: Tina Huth

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