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Park of Silence

The graveyard, built over 110 years ago, is a large park. The extensive plantings of shrubs on the terracing basements characterize the cemetery and serve as a boundary between the various grave fields. In particular, the old and extensive tree population is remarkable and is cared for elaborately.

The adjacent forest areas of the Schnodderbach valley or the Harkortberg favor the natural diversity of plants and animals in the park. Deers, hares, rabbits, squirrels and many bird species feel good here.

In order to attract many bird species from the neighboring natural space to the brood in the park, breeding boxes were installed many years ago. In the future, more breeding and nesting possibilities are to be made available, in order to provide even rarer bird species a habitat and to give the park visitor a deeper understanding.

With his war graves for the dead soldiers of the First and Second World Wars, graves for labor fighters (Kapp Putsch), forced laborers and last resting-places for honorary citizens of the city of Wetter the cemetery is an image of over 110 years of local history.

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