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Gustav Vorsteher

The pit wood industrialist supported all charitable and welfare institutions through his donations and foundations. The today's community center Villa Vorsteher is named after his house. The city owes to him the orphanage and nursing home, the town center, numerous sites and much more – not least the town hall.

Gustav Vorsteher lived in a humble home. He was born in the parsonage Kerk-Wetter (Wetter village). He spent his childhood in the older Schleifkotten of the cutler factory of Wetter  in the Schöntal (today not far from the pizzeria Il Molise). Already his father was doing wood trade to improve the bad living conditions. He had his company in an estate opposite to today's station Wetter.

This fact as well as the improving economic conditions of the founding years favored the social rise of Gustav Vorsteher. The 19th century was characterized by the emerging steel industry and coal mining in this region with the enormous demand for wood, especially in the coal mining. The acquisition was made from different regions in Europe.

With the death of the father in 1870, he took over a good business. The timber trade company that Gustav Vorsteher and his brother managed was a profitable business beyond all borders. Gustav married the wealthy daughter of the landlord "Hülsberg" from Vorhalle. His brother-in-law, Hermann Hülsberg, also operated a timber trade. The marriage remained childless, but Gustav Vorsteher generously supported the youth in Wetter (e.g., holiday relocations).

During the many years of his work, Gustav Vorsteher became a great patron of our city through foundations and donations. On the occasion of his 70th birthday, he was appointed to the first honorary citizen of Wetter in 1906. The letter of honor was handed over to him on 4 February 1906 during a solemn council meeting. In thanks he gave the town hall to the city: "Wetter has to have a new representative house, I give it to the township as a thank-you for the appointment as an honorary citizen."

In 1914 Gustav Vorsteher was buried on the "old cemetery" at the Bornstraße. His grave in the style of the time is completely preserved. In Alt-Wetter a significant street is also named according to him.

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