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Henriette Davidis

Johanna Friederika Henriette Katharina Davidis was born on 1 March 1801 in the old Lutheran parsonage in Wengern. She is regarded as the most famous cookbook author in Germany. Although many similar cookbooks had already appeared at the time, and the "Allgemeine deutsche Kochbuch für bürgerliche Haushaltungen" by Sophie Wilhelmine Scheibler was reissued several times, the "Practical Cookbook" (1845) developed into the cookbook of the late 19th and early 20th century, which was part of the basic equipment of many German households. The many copies still available in antiquarian format show that the books were used extensively and annotated. Many families passed on the "Practical Cookbook" from generation to generation.

However, the cookbook was only part of a comprehensive education program designed by Henriette Davidis for girls and women. From the puppet cook to the young unmarried woman to the housewife with her own responsibility for household and personnel, Henriette Davidis' books offered themselves as textbooks and reference books. This was probably due to the fact that the activity of the housewife was a very demanding job to which the young women of the newly emerging middle classes were often not adequately prepared.

Davidis, while she was writing her books, was herself a household economist, educator, and governess, and later worked as an author. Although her books, in particular the "Practical Cookbook", which appeared in the 21st edition in the year of her death, were very successful during her lifetime, she only led a rather modest life because she gave the proceeds from her literary activities to the needy people, and only moved into her own apartment at the age of 74. It is sometimes said that "Henriette Davidis" is a pseudonym of Helena Clemen, but in reality Helena Clemen was a reader who had sent suggestions to the author, who were also used.

The Henriette-Davidis Museum in Wetter-Wengern, with exhibitions on cookbooks and a series of fonts, reminds us of her. The German Cookbook Museum in Dortmund also devotes a large part of its exhibition to her. Parts of a stone hearth originating from the parsonage in Wengern were walled in with a memorial plaque in the abutment of the railway bridge of the Elbschetalbahn near Wengern in 1934, where they can still be seen today. The parson had to give way to the construction of the bridge.

Henriette Davidis passed away on 3 April 1876 in Dortmund.

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