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Mining - Principal adit level trail

The circular route:


Route description:

After crossing the  Goethestra├če and the  Grundsch├Âtteler Stra├če we pass the street  Am Brummstein to enter the  Karl-Siepmann-Stra├če. After about 120 m, we turn left into  Am Hasenkamp and have a wonderful view over the valley around  Gut Steinhausen. After about 230 m the principal adit level trail turns right into the street  Im D├╝steren Siepen and touches the site of the former village school, in which the well-known teacher and local researcher Karl Siepmann (1884 to 1935) taught. Today here is an elderly meeting place.

Following the sign, we turn to the  left on a forest path after further approx. 120 m and we recognize about 80 m to the left and right trough-shaped depressions. Once there was the main adit level of "St. Henricus". The path descends to a  wetland area, to cut through a  young forest plantations of spruces. After crossing the street  Am Mesewinkel it goes again  downhill to the valley of the Lindenbecke, which in the lower course is called Stollenbach. Here the principal adit level trail meets the Schlebuscher Weg. On the left side of the meadow, under a wild cherry, is the former access to the.  principal adit level of the Blumenthal. On the right we see a small fall shaft that points to a former light hole of the principal adit level of Schlebusch, which runs about 40 m under our feet in north-east direction.

We  cross the stream and follow the signs to the road  Im Blumental, which we follow to the left. After about 500 m, our trail turns right into the street  Am Lurke that turns to the left after about 50 m. But we are going  straight ahead and descend into the valley of the Teimbecke. Just before the bottom of the valley, we see a fall shaft on the right. It is a remnant of a conveyor shaft that stood above the tunnel of the "Freier Vogel" mine. The mouth of this tunnel was further down near the creek.

 After the crossing, the path leads up the other side of the valley to the  In der Teimenbecke and  Im Braken to the  Vo├čh├Âfener Stra├če. There we turn right into the street  Zur Kattenkuhle, which later returns to the  Vo├čh├Âfener Stra├če, which we follow to the right. Here we meet the GeoRoute Ruhr, which links the mining and geological trails "in the valley of the black gold". After about 400 m, our path  turns right, crosses a small  forest and meets the road  Im Blumental. We follow it downhill and cross an area, in which formerly intensive, near-surface mining was operated. Left in the forest there are numerous traces of early mining, which after 1945 was resumed again briefly. In the southern part, the small coal mine "H├╝nninghaus" was in operation from 1953 to 1956.

Shortly before reaching the  Teimbecke (later Stollenbach) under the road runs the old "Drei-Kronen-Stollen" ("Three-Crown Tunnel"). Now a stockpile covers the mouth that is about 100 meters east in the forest. Beside the western road edge the  geometric center of the town Wetter (2007) is marked with carbon sandstone. After crossing the "Teimbecke" we turn left into the street  Horstbecke. After about 170 m the  "Teimbecke" flows into the "Lindenbecke", which runs about 80 m parallel to the road, and then turns into the  north-east direction. In this direction also runs the principal adit level of Schlebusch, which was drifted in this area in about 30 m depth right below us. On the right above the path lies the "light hole 15", which is enclosed by a concrete slab. Following the signs we leave after approx. 600 m the "Horstbecke" and turn into a  forest path in the north-east direction. After about 700 m we  leave the forest and continue shortly thereafter  on the eastern edge of an abandoned quarry.

After 400 m we have reached the mouth of the traveling shaft and the  miner′s tools chamber of the principal adit level of Schlebusch, the most important witness of the mining history in the Ruhr area. Its construction began in 1765. After approx. one hundred years, it has made its final length of approx. 15 km as a continuation as "Dreckb├Ąnker Erbstollen" and with the connecting sections to the connected pit constructions. With closure of the last coal mine on the urban area of Wetter, the mine Neuw├╝lfingsburg in Albringhausen in 1967, it was relieved of his task, the drainage of the mines in the "Herzk├Ąmper Mulde". It still drains an area of about 40 km2. We reach its  mouth after about 200 m. Here, the waters of the principal adit level and the "Limbecker Bach", which from here is called "Stollenbach", join. We go to the  Oberwengerner Stra├če, then turn right along the road and again turn right after about 170 m into the  Stetroter Weg, which later turns into the street  Karl-Siepmann-Stra├če. After about 2.5 km we reach the  starting point of our hiking tour again.

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