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Route of the three villages - Albringhausen

The circular route:


Route description:

At the  signpost we go to the right, see the big wind power station on the left and go straight on until the forest path leads downhill to the old railway station Witten - Gevelsberg - Wuppertal (connection to the Esborn path).

We are now on the street "In der Ratelbecke", on the left we continue through the  underpass. To the right, we have a nice view over the nature reserve "Elbschetal". After approx. 300 m you will find a  well-kept stone house from the year 1772, on the right there are the  fish pies of a smokehouse. We follow the road  Am Overbeck, pass the former company premises of "Chemex" and reach the restaurant  Landgasthof zum Alten Bahnhof (Landgasthof zum Alten Bahnhof), the former railway station Albringhausen (signpost).

We continue straight ahead, to the left is the old coal mine building "Neuw├╝lflingsburg", today there is the quarrying  company of K├╝lpmann. The  bridge is on the left, we follow the dirt road straight ahead, parallel to the left and slightly hidden old railway track. To the right is a nice view over fields and meadows. At the end of the road we reach  Albringhauser Stra├če, where we turn right.

Behind the first big curve you can see a nice panorama over the village Albringhausen and the quarry of K├╝lpmann. After approximately 1.3 km you will find the restaurant  Kastanie am Hax (Kastanie am Hax) on the left. After approximately 200 m, we turn left to the quieter and less frequented  Wacholderstra├če. We cross the site of the  coffin manufacturer Eckhardt (www.eckhardt-sarg.de) and reach the  H├╝lsenweg. Here we turn left, cross the  Albringhauser Stra├če again, go past the  organic farm Sackern uphill to the starting point of our hike, the  parking spot B├Âllberg.

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