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Route of the three villages - Esborn

The circular route:



At the  signpost, we turn left to the road  Am B√∂llberg. From here we have a wonderful view over the Ruhr valley to the Ardey Mountains. We go to the right and after the curve turn  left over a small parking lot down a narrow path through the forest and bushes until we come along an old stone wall to the  Esborner Stra√üe (L527). We go right and immediately left into the street  An der Heile. From there, we continue straight on along the path  Am H√∂dey through the forest up to the  Vo√üh√∂fener Stra√üe. In the forest, we have beautiful views of fields and meadows on the right. At the "Vo√üh√∂fener Stra√üe" we turn left and after the bus stop turn left again into the street  Am Storch. Before the transformer haus Vo√üh√∂fen we  turn right and walk up a dirt road through meadows and pass through the beautiful, old beech forest at H√∂streichberg (234 m above sea level). Even before entering the forest we have behind us a beautiful view of Vo√üh√∂fen, Grundsch√∂ttel and Silschede. When we have crossed the forest – we are now on the road  An der Heile – there is a round view of Bommerholz, Witten, the house Malinckrodt, the hospital Herdecke and a little further on the old slender chimney of the Cuno power plant. We follow the road "An der Heile" past an old house with a drawing fountain and the large house number 145 to the junction  Ruhrh√∂henweg (connection to the circular path Vo√üh√∂fen).

We turn to the left with a nice view over the Ruhr valley until we walk left into the street  Im K√ľhlen Grunde. It goes past old half-timbered houses and a large farmhouse from 1840 with a quarry stone barn, where on the corner stone beside the initials of the builders the year 1857 can be seen. Continue down the beech grove to  Schmiedestra√üe (L 527). Here we turn right towards Wengern and after about 300 m  turn left into the forest. Over fields and meadows, a beautiful view opens to a wide valley and the "H√∂streich" mountain. At the end of the dirt road, we continue straight ahead over the road  Am Meseb√ľschken, past  women's house Wengern and follow the signs to the  naturefriends house Eggeklause (naturefriends house Eggeklause). Just before entering the forest, we have a wonderful view into a long valley that runs parallel to the street  Am Flachsteich.

Behind the Eggeklause we keep to the right and walk down the  forest path at a barrier. After approximately 800 m, we turn  sharply to the left and follow the forest path that runs parallel to the closed railway track Witten-Wuppertal. The trail continues past a meadow, to the right over a small  stream, then up in the forest to the road  Im Brunsberg. Turn left, then turn right into the small street  Am Flachsteich with some beautiful houses. On the left, a narrow path passes the AVU-10 KV station up through the forest to our starting point,  the B√∂llberg parking lot.

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