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Henriette Davidis trail

The circular route:


Route description:

Henriette Davidis was born on 1 March 1801 in the old Lutheran parsonage of Wengern. Just right after the start we arrive at the  Henriette-Davidis-Weg, which turns right above the Hotel Henriette Davidis.

Only about 100 m after passing the Henriette Davidis house we go through a  railway underpass of the former railway line Witten-Schwelm. We follow the Henriette-Davidis-Weg past the  Evangelical Cemetery, which was built in 1823 and has remarkable tombs, until we reach the  Trienendorfer Stra├če after about 15 minutes. We go 130 m upwards and turn left into the  Tulpenstra├če, which again turns left into the  Lilienweg. We pass this over an open field until we reach the path  Pastoratbusch, which we walk downwards to the left to the right-turning  path to the Wengener M├╝hle. We then follow the  path A1 of the SGV, which leads after the  railway underpass to the  Naturfreundehaus Eggeklause ("Friends-of-Nature house"). Up to here, where there are good places to go, we go from the start away about 60 minutes. At the Eggeklause we come across the route of the three villages, which we follow on the road  Auf der Egge. After the short ascent we follow the street  Am B├Âllberg past the  protestant women's house of Wengern (with a farm shop). After 200 m, keep to the right on the road  Am Meseb├╝schken until we have to  turn right shortly before the end to a narrow path, which leads after 460 m to the  Schmiedestra├če (L 527). Here we turn to the right and turn left immediately after the house no. 11 into the street  Im K├╝hlen Grunde.

The Beck-Eck ("Beck-Corner")

Wilhelm Beck was a government building officer at the Settlement Association of the Ruhr coal district in Essen (now Regionalverband Ruhr ("Ruhr Regional Authority")). He had been entrusted with the planning and installation of the Ruhrh├Âhenweg in 1930. It was a matter of heart to him to place a fortified observation deck at the most beautiful vantage points on the Ruhr heights. In Wengern on the Brasberg the Beck-Eck was built, from which one had a magnificent view from Wengern West (with viaduct) to Wengern-Ost and into the Ruhr valley. In his honor, the viewing corner was called Beck-Eck. A small bronze plate at the entrance points to this fact.

From here we go about 700 m upwards, until we meet a farmstead on the  Ruhrh├Âhenweg, which we always keep to the left, on the  south-west side of the Brasberg back to the village Wengern.

Where the trail gets back onto the  tarmaced road, you should take a short detour to the  Beck-Eck. You can find this by a sign at the fence of the sports field, which is reached on this road after about 200 m in a few minutes. The view over the Ruhr valley is magnificent.

At the end of the Ruhrh├Âhenweg we keep to the left at the street  Am Brasberg, and after approx. 70 m the road  Im Bremmen turns right into the village.  Passing the Hotel-Restaurant Elbschetal we reach our starting point, the  Davidis Square.

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