Since 1995 the Association for Town Marketing of Wetter ("Stadtmarketing für Wetter e.V.") works for the presentation of the location Wetter and the systematic prestige advertising as well as for improving the attractiveness of the town of Wetter (Ruhr) for citizens of Wetter (Ruhr), citizens of the surrounding area as well as resident and interested companies. The association wants to contribute by ideological, material and / or financial support for appropriate events in cultural, sporting, economic, social and / or environmental fields. The association can also achieve these purposes by implementing appropriate procedures (eg. planning and guidance documents, publications and related services).




  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Costs per person: 15 €
  • Dates: by appointment
  • Start and end point: Historic railway station in Alt-Wetter
  • The minimum number of participants is 7 persons. The maximum number of participants is limited to 12 persons.

Historic neighboring towns at the Ruhr – Tour to Hattingen

Hattingen, very close to our beautiful town Wetter, is characterized by its Middle Ages and Hanseatic past and has a very interesting historical city center.

From the station in Alt-Wetter we start at 2 p.m. into the direction of Haus Kemnade. The journey time is shortened by the information given by the city guide about the buildings on the "edge of the road". These include the Villa Bönnhoff, Gut Schede, the new Ruhr bridge, Haus Malinckrodt, das Berger monument and the Thyssen steelworks.

An intermediate stop at Haus Kemnade (about 40 minutes) includes a short guided tour through the commercial and inner courtyard, an explanation of the building and the architectural styles. The participants learn who the founder was, who is today's owner and how Haus Kemnade is used today. A short visit to the small museum of the Sparkasse Bochum may be also on the agenda.

On the way to Hattingen you will learn a lot about Blankenstein Castle.

After arriving in Hattingen, an approx. 70-minute guided tour of the historic old town is completed. Stops here are the old town hall, the Haldenplatz with the oldest savings bank in the country, the iron house, the three iron men, the city wall as well as the square with the three gabled houses, the painter's corner and the Ackerbürgerhaus as well as the Viehgasse with the poor house. Also on the agenda are the church square with St. George's church, Hattinga and Latin school.

After the guided tour there is the chance to go for a break or for a separate exploration tour. At about 5.30 pm we set off on the way back to the station in Alt-Wetter, where our HattingenTour ends at 6 pm.