Since 1995 the Association for Town Marketing of Wetter ("Stadtmarketing für Wetter e.V.") works for the presentation of the location Wetter and the systematic prestige advertising as well as for improving the attractiveness of the town of Wetter (Ruhr) for citizens of Wetter (Ruhr), citizens of the surrounding area as well as resident and interested companies. The association wants to contribute by ideological, material and / or financial support for appropriate events in cultural, sporting, economic, social and / or environmental fields. The association can also achieve these purposes by implementing appropriate procedures (eg. planning and guidance documents, publications and related services).


Heimatverein Wetter e.V. (home town association)

Our Heimatverein Wetter e.V. is committed to the homeland care and study of local history. For example, in recent years, a number of dramas have been held with reference to our city and the surrounding area, all of them have been specially written by Dr. Klaus Becker, chairman of the association.

A new museum established in 2016 provides many insights into the beginnings of the local industry with an emphasis on the castle factory in Volmarstein. It shows an excellent picture exhibition with enlargements of "antique" postcards of Wetter. Also, a thoroughly maintained archive is well equipped to answer many questions about our town.

A particular responsibility is the maintenance of some sites in Wetter. These include the small park at the  Hilligen Püttken in the Hauptstraße in Volmarstein, the surroundings at the marking stone of the  cartographical center of Wetter in the Blumental and finally the  tomb of Gustav Vorsteher in the Old Cemetery in Alt-Wetter.

Continuous offers

The Heimatverein is looking forward to introducing interesting information of the history of our traditional town in different ways.

  • Once a month, the club invites you to the "Heimatstube" in the  Hegestraße 12 in the district of Volmarstein to join lectures which brings exciting topics of the past back to life.
  • On Tuesdays, the "Heimatstube" is open for visitors to have a look and to talk. By the way: Whenever an "H" hangs on the door, the "Heimatstube" is open to the public.
  • On every 1st Sunday of the month during the season (from April to October), the Heimatverein opens the gates of the Harkortturm.
  • On every 2nd Saturday of the month during the season (from April to October) you are welcome to a guided hike in our surrounding area.

A constant exchange of ideas, occasional excursions and social gatherings complete the diverse activities of the association and its members.

Picture gallery (6)

In the year 2017, this picture gallery has been developed with impressions about Heimatverein Wetter e.V. (home town association). We cordially invite you to browse through this portfolio. Click on an image to enter the gallery mode. If you are an ambitious photographer, we would appreciate if you enrich this collection by providing your picture.