Since 1995 the Association for Town Marketing of Wetter ("Stadtmarketing f├╝r Wetter e.V.") works for the presentation of the location Wetter and the systematic prestige advertising as well as for improving the attractiveness of the town of Wetter (Ruhr) for citizens of Wetter (Ruhr), citizens of the surrounding area as well as resident and interested companies. The association wants to contribute by ideological, material and / or financial support for appropriate events in cultural, sporting, economic, social and / or environmental fields. The association can also achieve these purposes by implementing appropriate procedures (eg. planning and guidance documents, publications and related services).


Our members – commitment to our hometown

Our company members are active in a variety of industries. Whether small business or group acting in the world market: What links them all together is the belief that our hometown Wetter (Ruhr) is a wonderful place for living and working – a location with a bright future, which development should be promoted continuously. We are also very concerned about the membership of people who feel particularly connected to our town.

Get to know our members. Perhaps you will soon be a part of this strong community, too.

Renate and Dr. Helmut Franzen

58313 Herdecke (Germany)

Doris and Helmut H├╝lshoff

58300 Wetter (Ruhr) (Germany)

Would you like to be a member of our association?

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Our association has many supporters. At this point we provide you your primary contacts.

Markus Dr├╝ke

Chairman of the Board

Thorsten Keim

Member of the Board, Head of City Marketing

Claudia B├╝chel

Member of the Board

Rainer Zimmermann

Member of the Board, Mangement

Nicole Damaszek

Member of the Board, deputy management

Tina Huth

Info office

Wencke Ricci

Info office

Torsten M├╝hlhoff

Internet, Media

And if you will take a tour in Wetter, it is rather likely that you will be dealing with one of the following persons.

Ralf Blomberg

Development of new offers

Dr. troph. Nora B├Ânnhoff

Industrial history

Werner B├Âving

City tours and guided tours

John Fiolka

Theater trips to Dortmund

Silvia Heise

School trips, FamilyWetter, ChildrenWetter

Doris H├╝lshoff

City tours and guided tours

Bernhard Kauer

HikingWetter ("Schlebusch trail (Mining trail I)", "Through the upper Elbschetal")

Rosi Wolf-Laberenz

City tours and guided tours, school trips, industrial history

Ralf W. A. Lehnert

City tours, FamilyWetter, ChildrenWetter, walkabouts

Christine Neuburg

Petra Paul

City tours and guided tours

Herbert P├Âsel

City tours, HikingWetter ("Schnadegang"), guided church tours

Susanne Puls

FamilyWetter, ChildrenWetter

Marit Roschin

Development of new offers

Thorsten Schmitz

City tours and guided tours

Helmut Scholtz

City tours, HikingWetter ("Ruhr meadows")

Helmut Schuchardt

HikingWetter ("Schnadegang", "In the footsteps of Friedrich Harkort")

Hans Schumacher

City tours and guided tours