Hotel Henriette Davidis


Embedded in the delightful countryside of the Ruhr valley our cozy Hotel Henriette Davidis is located in the old village center of Wengern. Comfort and tranquility characterize our guest rooms that provide all conditions for a pleasant stay.

Situated in Wetter Wengern the Hotel was built in the year 1721. 1815 the house was extended to the old village center and received additional living space. Today, the house that was designed in the mountainous style is the location of a Hotel and a restaurant. The house was named after the cookbook author Henriette Davidis, who was born not far away. The birthplace and the walled stove are reminders of the pastor's daughter.

In the cozy vaulted cellar of the traditional house the restaurant Kerstins (svensk restaurang) offers new freshly imported inspirations from the Swedish house cooking kitchen.

+49 2335 7411


Trienendorfer Straße 8
58300 Wetter (RUhr)

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