Kolping-Bildungszentren Ruhr gem. GmbH

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The Kolping-Bildungszentren Ruhr gem. GmbH (Kolping Education Center Ruhr acc. GmbH) has been active in initial vocational training, professional preparation and professional qualification since the beginning of the 1970s.

It applies to young people and adults, who are in a career decision or crisis situation, to provide appropriate assistance for self-help. Those involved in the labor market need to be protected with from unemployment and the resultant social segregation, so the way into the professional and working life is made possible by a qualified professional preparation and professional training.

The focus is not only on the transfer of purely professional qualifications. Versatile deficits and abnormalities such as lack of professional maturity, lack of motivation, school deficits, social deprivation and language deficits are factors which negatively influence the initial vocational situation of the young people. In addition, vocational training calls for ever higher, more complex and more extensive theoretical achievements. This often leads to an increase in failure, disappointment, and enhancement of behavioral problems.

The vocational training and professional preparation in the Kolping-Bildungszentren Ruhr gem. GmbH is always oriented towards the whole human being with all his personal conditions, always means all those involved in the process. The young people are promoted as much as possible within the scope of their development possibilities, so that they are enabled by their willingness and ability, to manage the emergent tasks, requirements and problems of training, occupational activity and other life circumstances in a self-responsible way.


+49 2335 96920


Bachstra├če 22
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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