Christine Neuburg

Christine Neuburg

Active supporters / Supporting the town marketing since March 2017

Good afternoon,

I came into contact with Wetter for the first time in 1987. At that time, I signed up for the hunting license course and concluded it with an examination in April 1988. I got to know Esborn, Albringhausen, Vosshöfen, the Blumental and finally my husband. For the shooting sport I always went to Breckerfeld.

In 1990, I moved – without any enthusiasm and for my husband's sake - to Wetter (Volmarstein). I declined pretty much everything that "was Wetter". This was not hard for me, as on our weekends we were with our boat in Belgium from March to October.

Correspondingly, I was not aware that 300 meters of air line from us was a shooting club. Well, since February 2007 my husband and I are members of the "Schützenverein Volmarstein". I got to know many nice people through our membership and made many friends. After I had not arrived in Wetter for the first 17 years, I now found more and more pleasure in my current home town. I can not say that Volmarsteiner, Wengeraner, Esborner and Wetteraner really love each other. Even with us in the club there were members "in front of and behind the Ruhr".

In 2012 I became 1. Chairman of the Volmarsteiner Schützen – they own "my heart blood". I am a member of the Kinderschutzbund, because I was not allowed to become a mother. So I can do something for other children. By Marit Roschin, I became a member of the home town association and I'm always happy to listen to the stories about my home town. With the support of my company, I have been able to help "mini tigers" over many years.

But why did I become a member of the city marketing and committed myself to volunteering?

I have already watched the city marketing for a long time and observed the many activities. Many people at the city marketing are committed to support Wetter. I would like to make my contribution to the fact that the districts grow together and develop joint activities. Today I proudly describe myself as a (volunteer) "Volmarsteiner", but I also appreciate the remaining districts. Whenever the time is right, I gladly join the activities taking place there.

Contact (city marketing):
+49 2335 802092

Address (city marketing):

Kaiserstraße 78
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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