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The Westf├Ąlische Provinzial Versicherung AG, headquartered in M├╝nster is active as a property and casualty insurers of Provinzial NordWest Group in the Westphalia region. Its 1.8 million customers include residential, commercial and industrial enterprises and institutions and farmers. In addition, the Westf├Ąlische Provinzial takes over the task of processing proposals and service processing as a country directorate for the common life insurer of the group, the Provinzial NordWest Lebensversicherung AG. Under the roof of the second largest public insurance group in Germany is the Westf├Ąlische Provinzial for their clients "Always there, always close" and is offering them locally the usual good service. At the same time the Westf├Ąlische Provinzial uses the advantages of cooperation within the group.

This is of particular importance for our office:

  • Personal contact, because we are always close to you
  • Individual counseling and modern products
  • Customer-friendly service
  • Short distances, unbureaucratic assistance in case of damage
  • Instant regulation in case of damage
  • Survey and evaluation of individual risk situation


+49 2335 1555


Bahnhofstra├če 1-3
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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