Herbert Pösel

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Herbert Pösel

Active supporters / Supporting the town marketing since April 2004

My way to the "honorary city guide" in Wetter!

After completing my engineering studies, I have lived and worked with my family in Munich for many years. In 1972, I moved to Wetter in Westphalia, where I initially worked as production manager at the DEMAG and later was jointly responsible for the factory planning of our national and international plants. Of course this was connected with many trips to distant countries. My general interest in the history of the peoples in general and my preference to study people and powers had taken a special place through these business trips and also through private educational trips; for this I am still very grateful today.

At that time I regretted it very much, however, that I did not know my chosen hometown Wetter so well. This was simply not possible because of time reasons. Wetter on the Ruhr was not much more than my "departure airport". After entering retirement in 2003, the family asked the important question of living in a city, in which I had spent about 3 decades of my life, but I knew less than all the places I visited so far. A wonderful circle of friends made the decision easy for us as a family. We agreed: Wetter should be our home in the future. But I wanted to know more about my chosen home town.

Getting to know Wetter in its entirety was from now on one of my main concerns. My particular interest in history made it easy for me to get a lot of exciting information about the city and region within a very short period of time. My enthusiasm just about the history of this city was great and I just registered by telephone for the cooperation with the Stadtmarketing für Wetter e.V. To this day I do not regret this decision; it brought me a considerable personal gain.

Since 2006, as a volunteer, I have been part of the city tours, the Gustav Vorsteher hiking tour, and from 2013 onwards the church tours to some of our architecturally and art historically important churches.

I am very happy to pass on my knowledge of this very historical and beautiful area to interested people. My ambition is to give each of my tour members this personal gain, as I always experience it anew today.

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+49 2335 802092

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Kaiserstraße 78
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

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